The Law Firm of Piotr Kukawski has been providing legal services to corporate and individual business clients since 1998. Piotr Kukawski served as a District Court Judge in the Commercial Division of the Koszalin District Court from 1989 to 1994 and has been registered as an Attorney-at-law since 1994 (KO 396/94). He is the author of several legal articles including the following:

- "Municipality's Shares in Commercial Law Companies" ("Udzial Gminy w spolkach prawa handlowego") (RIO's quarterly No. 12/1993);
- "Municipality as Shareholder in Commercial Law Companies" ("Gmina jako wspolnik spolek prawa handlowego") (RIO's quarterly No. 1/1994);
- "Transformation of Civil Law Partnership into Limited Liability Company under 551 § 2 of CCC" ("Przeksztalcenie spolki cywilnej w spolke z o.o. w trybie art. 551 § 2 k.s.h") (Monitor Podatkowy CH Beck No. 10/2001, co-authorship).

       There are three full-time lawyers in the Firm, each of whom is conversant in English and Polish. We specialize in assisting clients seeking to conform to Polish corporate law.